Vinyl Siding

When you’re looking for siding that gives a beautiful new look to your home, minimizes maintenance costs and saves you from painting, National Renovations has options for your vinyl or aluminum siding. It adds years to your home’s life and increases it’s market value.

Vinyl siding has colour through out the solid vinyl. Furthermore, high technology and strict quality control ensure uniformity of colour. Siding comes in a wide array of decorative colours to suit any design specification. Our vinyl’s colour consistency not only eliminates painting, but also, costly maintenance. A quick wash with the garden hose removes seasonal grime and restores the natural, long lasting beauty of the siding.

National Renovations uses superior vinyl siding for dent and crack resistance. Durable and tested to withstand the most severe of Canadian climates, vinyl siding is ideal for your home.

To finish your home with that special decorator’s touch, National Renovations offers vinyl soffit, an attractive line that complements your vinyl siding and eliminates painting or refinishing on your overhangs.

Aluminum Siding

National Renovations supplies soffit/fascia systems that are lightweight and won’t rust or rot. Available in a variety of decorative colours, our soffit and fascia systems adapts to most eave styles and compliments the beauty of the house.

National Renovations offers a wide range of high quality home improvement products.

  • Eaves-troughs
  • Soffit and fascia
  • Aluminum siding
  • Largest line of vinyl siding and accessories
  • Patio doors and front entrance systems
  • Porch enclosures
  • Shutters and much more