Concrete cracks are a common problem throughout the GTA. The majority of these cracks are caused by the failure to ensure proper reinforcement at time of installation. Concrete is useless without reinforcement. It is important to repair these cracks as when left unattended the cracks will widen with time and the freeze / thaw cycles will leave the concrete porous to the environment, especially water.

Concrete with Exposed Aggregates

Another concern with concrete occurs when there are exposed aggregates such as stones and gravel. Concrete in this condition becomes sponge-like and will absorb water. If the concrete is left, it will continue to absorb water and will eventually break down the cement and break down the strength of the foundation and quite possibly allow water into the building.

Installing Steel Reinforcements

Our forces have been expertly trained to install the necessary steel reinforcements to give the concrete strength and to seal the damaged concrete to prevent further water penetration. We parge the concrete as a seal, leaving the concrete with a water repellant sandstone finish. To achieve a uniform colour finish, we recommend a coloured washable water repellant roll on coat that can be applied as a final finish to your repaired concrete.

Concrete Steps

The application of harsh chemicals and salt over the years will cause damage to your concrete landings and steps. In addition, the life of your concrete landings and steps can also depend on the initial installation. Weather conditions and installation procedures are just a couple of aspects that can cause your concrete finish to deteriorate. Parging and colour coating is a great way to perk up the appearance of tired looking concrete steps and landings.